Poppy Playtime APK Chapter 1 V 1.0.8 Android Latest [2024]

Do you enjoy playing scary video games and would like to know more about a new puzzle-filled adventure game? If so, MOB Games Studio’s Poppy Playtime APK is a fantastic first-person horror game in which you have to look for odd objects in shadowy places. Obtain the most recent version right now. Playing with skill and discovering the shadow room’s mysteries is essential to defeating the hostile toys and surviving to the very finish. The disappearance of the toys from the closed toy factory has a known cause.


Information about poppy play time APK

App NamePoppy Playtime Chapter 1
PublisherMOB Games Studio
Package Namecom.MOBGames.PoppyMobileChap1
CategoryHorror, Adventure, Puzzle
MOD FeaturesNo
Size615 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Get it onGoogle Play


Enjoy the game on your iPhone or iPad by downloading the POPPY PLAY APK

for iOS.

What’s New in Update?

There have been some changes made to the POPPY PLAY APK in the most recent release, version 0.0.9.

Controller connected

You can now start playing the game after connecting your controller. You can utilize it to learn more about the map while competing.. You won’t need to stop and look at the map once more!

A new mode

There’s a new mode in Free Drift.It was initially in beta phase. Anyone can now access it… There are no limits, so you can drift as much as you like! It’s time to take this seriously!

Download Older versions of Poppy Playtime  APK

Using the download button below, you can get the POPPY PLAY APK previous version, v0.9.1.


Using the download button below, you can get POPPY PLAY MOD Apk’s previous version, v0.9.1.


Using the download button below, you can access the previous version v0.9.0 of thePOPPY PLAY Apk.


Using the download button below, you can get POPPY PLAY APK’s previous version, v0.8.6.


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POPPY PLAY  APK For Android Introduction

The plot of the game revolves around toys factories as well as the mystery surrounding the mysterious disappearance of toys 10 years in the past. What kind of toy is used that is made gives people anxiety. The main character of video cassettes or audiocassettes is the participant, who is also an author. The material includes brief discussions between former coworkers, along with taped quips.

The player encounters the menacing Huggy Wuggy beast..Huggy Wuggy follows you around all the time and observes everything you do.Even though it’s quite unlikely that every toy in the factory has a plan to find you, the main goal is to survive the voyage.You have to play fast and smartly if you want to get away from Huggy Wuggy.Walk quickly to avoid him as soon as you get into his direct line of sight. You will have the ability to escape..


Unlimited Everything

The Poppy Playtime Mod Apk gives users the ability to use unlimited diamonds, money, and additional rewards.

No Premium Version

Poppy Playtime Mod Apk all levels and stages are free due to a unique feature in the mod Poppy Playtime app. It allows users to gain access to infinite cash, gems or additional rewards.

No Ads

The games’ advertisements are more prominent, however the poppy playtime chapter one hack lets you play the game at no cost.

Unlocked Features

It is essential to play in dark environments that is filled with bright, vibrant characters in order to gain unrestricted access to all the content in the game.

Game Features of POPPY PLAY APK

Numerous intriguing features of Poppy Playtime’s mobile APK for Android are listed below.

Fantastic game with many attractive puzzle adventures

The abandoned toy factory’s darkroom has a variety of difficult-to-solve horror puzzles. Players must take their time carefully solving the problems.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface of the game is easy to navigate and includes several variables that can be changed.There isn’t a lot of settings or buttons to use in the game. The game is easy to learn and play due to the graphical user interface that is easy for users. The left-hand side of your mobile is a button for movement, On the other hand, the right side has the ability to bounce and sticky hands.

Game Graphics

The app’s detailed, engrossing 3D and HD graphics create dramatic peaks.

Ads Free

There are no obstacles in the way of the gameplay, and there are no commercials.

Free to Download

It is a free-to-download game.

Multiplayer Function

There is a multiplayer option within the game. The game can be beneficial to those who wish to have fun with their loved ones and close friends. It is possible to play with a few players to make the game enjoyable and less scary.


The game teaches you how to keep yourself safe from harm

Aids in making important and proactive decisions in daily life

Expands the player’s social network because you can play with many players

Overcomes your life’s fears

Makes you accustomed to using your sixth sense in challenging and worse conditions


Playing horror games can make you nervous.

Causes social unrest in the community.

Detrimental to people’s mental health, particularly that of youngsters.

Elevated 3D graphics

Two-dimensional objects that move to display its beauty is a kind of puzzle. It is possible to explore 3D objects as well as other things inside the toy factory this game. It is sure to grab your interest.

Free download

The nicest and most intriguing feature is that this game is free to download and play.

A straightforward game

The game is straightforward, requiring you to solve a problem using hints from VHS cassettes in order to advance to a new area.

Multiplayer function

Solo play in a horror game can be boring. There are some puzzles that can only be solved with two individuals working in tandem. It is necessary to have a partner that can assist you in solving the puzzle and help you get rid of your nightmare.

Game Modes of POPPY PLAY APK

There are four game modes in the POPPY PLAY APK. Here is the list:

New exciting rides

It is possible to finish the game fast and go home anytime you wish. The possibility of playing this game for an indefinite time is thrilling You can be successful by revitalizing yourself and removing the opponents.

Gamer versus Gamer

Be sure that the game you are playing will be compatible with the available space available on your device. is available.Use the above link on this page to download the APK.
After you download the APK file, navigate to Android Settings and choose “Unknown Sources.”

List of Modes in POPPY PLAY APK

The game Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK Android has been updated the most recent time on the 22nd of May 2022. The 2nd chapter of the puzzle/horror game Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mobile APK will require you to go to an abandoned toy manufacturing facility and take on the psychotic animatronics. To escape difficult scenarios, you need to utilize your brain to tackle various issues. Through navigating dangerous objects that are scattered around and fighting Mommy Long Legs who is the main antagonist of the chapter, the game test your abilities to tackle problems. If you like thrilling games, this chapter will be excellent.


You’ve come to the correct place if you enjoyed playing Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 APK and would like to download Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK.In the first chapter, getting out of the factory was the goal.The goal of this book doesn’t change even when it takes you to several locations.A variety of exciting new topics that will be presented in the first chapter must be familiarized with.There will be a new adversary in Chapter 2.Mother Lang Legs, the main character, is at the heart of the spooky narrative.

Download and Install POPPY PLAY APK APK

  1. Make sure the game will fit in the space on your mobile device that is accessible.
  2. Use the above link on this page to download the APK.
  3. After downloading the APK file, go to Android Settings and choose “Unknown Sources.”
  4. After that, select Security and activate the Security option.
  5. Choose the APK Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 file from the download directory to install.
  6. Congratulations!! The application has been set up successfully.
  7. Open the APK App, then enjoy yourself.
  8. Installing the software on an Android device is really simple.

Tips and Tricks

I’m providing valuable advice regarding CarX Street based on my experience playing the game. You will find these hints and suggestions to be quite beneficial when playing the game.

  • Don’t Choose Civic: You’ll need to choose your first car as the game begins. Never choose a citizen. You won’t be able to enjoy the game and it will be a waste of time.
  • Purchase a home on a mountain: You ought to purchase the home on the summit of the hill. You’ll be able to move quickly and for no cost.
  • Upgrade your gasoline tank: Your vehicle requires a larger fuel tank. You can drive your automobile without worrying about a fuel shortage thanks to this. Never use nitro gas purchased from a petrol station. Always use sports gas while filling up your tank.
  • Maintain your internet connection: It is important to maintain your connection. Your progress will be automatically saved. Your progress will not be saved if you play offline.
  • Your vehicle should be tuned to reflect your personal preferences. Refrain from imitating other players’ styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Name?

    Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 of the independent horror game is titled “Fly in a Web,” which tests your ability to withstand Mommy Long Leg and find a secure exit from the factory.

  2. Who is mommy Long legs in Poppy Playtime?

    The primary character of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK is Mommy Long Legs. Probably going to show up as a deadly foe in other chapters.

  3. How to get Poppy Playtime 1 for free?

    Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 is an action game and it is available for FREE on this site. Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 is an adventure game developed by MOB Games Studio.

  4. Is Poppy Playtime in Mobile?

    Can I download Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 APK on my mobile device? Yes, the APK is available for Android devices

  5. Is Poppy Playtime a girl?

    I’m a real girl, just like you. Poppy is presumably the central main antagonist of Poppy Playtime. She is an animatronic-like doll. Little is known about her but she is the first toy Playtime Co. has ever made, considering her release year.

  6. Is Poppy Playtime evil?

    However, as the game progresses, players quickly discover her true colors. Poppy is an intriguing character because of the contrast between her innocent appearance and her malicious intentions.

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